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How We Teach

Our motto “Each One, Teach One,” highlights our one-on-one learning experience of care and compassion. Using a proven method and following a curriculum, students learn the English language in a step-by-step process. The focus is on developing conversation skills for those who have limited English-language proficiency.

What Students Receive

  • English-only instruction
  • Prepared, appropriate and relevant lessons based on the learner’s individual needs and goals
  • Regular assessments with detailed and accurate records of learner’s progress
  • A sensitive and compassionate learning environment with regular communication from the administrative team

Required Student Qualifications

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Must have childcare during tutoring
  • Must have literacy in first language (at least 5 years of schooling)
  • Must provide a working phone number
  • Available to meet for 90-minutes at the same time each week during center hours and maintain a consistent schedule
  • Priority will be given to prospective learners who live in McKinley Park

What Students Say

Become a Student

To participate in our English program as a student, those interested must contact Aquinas Literacy Center to schedule an appointment during our regular hours of operation from September through May. We do not accept registrations on behalf of another person.

To schedule a registration appointment, please call (773) 927-0512

All tutoring is free of charge. Textbooks cost $25.00

If you have been matched with a tutor, please use the form below to pay for your textbooks.