Where Mission Meets Impact

Aquinas Literacy Center is known as a place of hope for the immigrant population. We strive to help every individual who walks through our door. We continue to witness the results of the determination of our students and tutors. The impact is felt within our organization, as we see every stakeholder leave better than when they came. It spills out into our community and our city. Aquinas Literacy Center is improving our neighborhoods; it is improving Chicago.

One-on-One Tutoring

Tutors commit to 90-minutes of instruction each week with their students. They serve as teachers, mentors, coaches and facilitators to assist learners in achieving their personal and professional life goals. Our goal is to have our students speak 75% of the time and our teachers speak 25% of the time.

English from English

Our curriculum uses the English language to teach the English language. We focus on students' listening and speaking ability, so ours is a conversational program. This is not a translating program.

Small Group Classes

To focus on improving specific skills in English, we provide additional learning opportunities. Students who participate in supplemental classes - in addition to their regularly scheduled tutoring sessions progress in English more rapidly!

Good News Travels Fast

There is a need for our services. We consistently average a waiting list of 20-40 prospective learners. Through word of mouth in the local community, prospective students come knowing this is a step towards bettering their lives in the United States.

There's a Place for You

Together, we can improve lives. We can empower others. We can lift each other up.


Become an English-language learner to change your life.


Become a Volunteer Literacy Tutor to make an impact in the lives of others.


Become a donor to affirm our mission.

We are on a Mission

Through English-language instruction, we enable learners to transform their lives by acquiring skills to become successful parents, productive workers and responsible citizens. Our graduates are ready to self-advocate, to pursue citizenship, to obtain gainful employment, and to achieve their dreams.

Stay Connected

Our team is always working on new ideas, improving our processes and bragging about our amazing tutors and students.

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