Prospective Learners


To participate in Aquinas Literacy Center’s English program, we ask prospective learners to register in person at Aquinas Literacy Center. We are located at 3540 South Hermitage Avenue, Chicago, IL 60609.


We do not accept registrations on behalf of another person.



Prospective learners must:


* Be 18 years or older


* Have a working telephone number


* Have childcare for children/grandchildren during class times (if applicable)


In order to be placed with a tutor, prospective learners should strive to follow these guidelines:


* Have a consistent available time for tutoring, and notify Aquinas staff of any schedule changes


* Communicate with Aquinas staff


* Update all changes in contact information with Aquinas staff


* Return any missed calls or messages left by Aquinas staff


* Take a placement test with results that indicate a fit for Aquinas’ tutoring program


* Attend at least one supplemental class per week or use Rosetta Stone for at least 90 minutes per week


* Commit to at least 8-12 months of instruction at Aquinas


Our Services:


Individual Tutor (90 Minutes/Week)


After registration, we will look for a tutor to match with the learner. Often, we have a waiting list. However, when we find a tutor who matches the learner’s available days and times, we will contact the potential student. We ask the student to pay $25 for the cost of books. Then, each student meets with his or her teacher for 90 minutes at the same day and time each week.


Computer Learning


We offer a fully updated computer lab that registered students can use at any time during our hours of operation. Registered learners have access to Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software (Levels One through Five).


Supplemental Group Classes


Registered learners are encouraged to participate in supplemental group classes. Supplemental Classes include:


* Conversation Classes


* Book Clubs


* Writing Workshops


* Grammar Classes


Registered learners will receive a class schedule at registration.


We encourage all registered learners to participate in computer learning and supplemental group classes.


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